The Many Uses for Custom Coasters

What do you always notice on the drinks served for you in restaurants and bars? There are some sort of circular objects to which your drinks are placed upon. They are called coasters. You would see a lot of these that come various sizes and designs. But what are coasters exactly made for? And how would customized coasters help a lot in someone’s business or causes? Read on to find out more.

About Coasters

A coaster is used to rest drinks upon. Coasters are used primarily to protect the surface of a table, or any other surface where the person might place a drink. The coasters that are placed on top of a drink can also be used to show that the said drink is not finished, as well as to prevent contamination, usually coming from insects. Not only that, coasters can also prevent any hot drinks from burning the table or any surface where it is placed

Given their many uses, it is not surprising that coasters are given their own customization as well. Many companies, brands, and businesses, particularly bars and restaurants, spend a reasonable amount of money to make their own customized coasters. Aside from their primary purposes, customized coasters also serve as some kind of promotional materials for their brands. Having the names of their business, brand or company designed or printed on the coaster can indeed make the people remember them more, given the coasters’ many important uses.

Got a Business? Promote it with Customized Coasters

If you are starting up a business, and you want it to be known by means of useful marketing and promotion, using custom coasters is one of the best and most effective way to do so. Not only they serve as personalization, but are effective marketing materials as well.

When Buying a Dash Cam, the Lens Really Matters


The dash cam is like the CCTV for the motor vehicles. The better it gets video footage like in the case of clarity is one important factor. Because of its importance in protecting the motorist, choosing the best camera should be your priority. This is since above all else this is where the value of the footage can be appreciated. What good would a dash cam that may have all the latest features but fails to provide a clear HD cover? If a vehicle will be at a distance before collision and you only have a glimpse of this from that angle where the plate can be visible, then that may be the only way you can identify who intentionally hit your car and run away.

What are these lenses?

In a camera, it is the lens that provides clarity, check out at damntools blog which is the reason why, in dash cams the lens matters most. Additionally, in dash cam products, there is the single lens, the double lens for front and back and there is the 3 lens which also covers the indoor camera. Lenses can also provide angle of coverage so a 180 angle is better which is wider than most common lenses. Also, there are 1080P HD lenses that are called 4K which is the best for dash cam in capturing moving objects. There are also cameras that cater to night vision lenses too. This is also considered as important since travelling is not by day alone, but there are also night travels that still require the advantages dash cam can provide.


Although good lenses has the biggest role in a dash cam, let us not also forget the other factors for the dash cam to be effective like the recording mechanism, the looping, the storage and the other features like Wi-Fi connectivity as these can also make the basic dash cam superior in its features too.